Fresh Oils

Standard Extended Life Vegetable Oil

Great results time and time again when you use our standard cooking oil (made from soya)

Extended Life Rapeseed Oil

Healthy, versatile and an extended shelf life a perfect combination

Locally produced Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Suitable for all types of cooking - including baking cakes or for Salads dressings. Also brilliant for Roasting potatoes for the perfect crispy Roastie!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the finest sources in Italy, France & Spain

Standard Olive Oil

Superior quality oil for everyday use

Pomace Oil

Perfect for salad dressings

Ground Nut Oil

The staple oil used in oriental cooking

Corn Oil

Great for that authentic American deep south taste!

Sunflower Oil

A subtle tasting oil with many health benefits , great for frying or for everyday use

Sesame Oil

An alternative oil used in oriental cooking

Fresh Infused Oils

White Truffle

Add a extra taste layer to fish and risottos or simply drizzle on any pasta dish for that authentic Italian taste!


Always a favourite for salads, chicken and fish


Great for the roux when making fish pie or to add to meat dishes for that smokey barbeque flavour


Great to drizzle on Pizzas or to add a bit of zing to any dish


Great to add in the frying pan or Wok - or for Roast potatoes & Roast Vegetables


Good to use on roast meats like Lamb


Our dill oil is perfect for use on fish


Used in many indian based dishes


Great for mediteranean and italian dishes


Locally produced Mayonnaise

Nutty flavours, lighter texture and amazing colour

Locally produced Garlic Mayonnaise

Very similar to Aioli and a great to accompaniment to many dishes