Reduce. Recycle.

Welcome to Oxford Oils

Oxford Oils was established in 2013 to supply cooking oils to the catering sector including Pubs, Restaurants, Institutions & other commercial kitchen environments. We are passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of not only our business but of our customers by collecting all waste oils & fats free of charge and recycling it so it can be used to produce low carbon energy.

Our Promise to You

We promise to supply exciting new products and quality, locally produced goods at competitive prices. To stand out from the crowd by listening to what our customers want and by continually thinking outside of the box. To offer new, innovative products which will compliment your existing inventory. To promote local business and to reduce mileage and overall carbon footprint. We as a company are dedicated to being eco-friendly and all waste oils & fats collected are then filtered and cleaned to be used to produce low carbon energy.

Waste Oil Collection

At Oxford Oils we are passionate about renewable energy and protecting the environment for future generations. That is why we want to collect and recycle your waste cooking oil.

We collect your used cooking oils & fats free of charge either in the original container that it came in which can be recycled alternatively we can leave a clean re-sealable container on request and simply replace this during each collection. This keeps your premises tidy and grease free thus preventing problems with vermin and spillages.

Oxford Oils Ltd is a UK registered waste carrier and we will always leave you with a waste receipt which you should keep and file as proof that you have disposed of your waste oil legally and responsibly.

All waste oils & fats collected are then filtered and cleaned on our premises using a state of the art system which enables the waste oils to be used to produce low carbon energy.

This turns what would be a waste product into a clean, green energy source that is used for power generation and produces up to 90% fewer harmful emissions than fossil fuel.

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